Yes. All items are guaranteed authentic. Before any item is posted to the Fashionphile website it is checked by two highly qualified authenticators specializing in specific brand names. We stand by our authenticators and item authenticities and offer a lifetime return policy should any item we sell prove to be non-authentic.
Handbags and Accessories which do not meet our internal standards for condition, value, or style are sold on eBay under the userID 'fashionphileoutlet'. These items will be from the same brands (LV, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, etc.) that are found on our main website and are still backed by our lifetime guarantee of authenticity. They will likely be items that are not in top condition, so buyers should carefully read the descriptions. Items listed on FashionphileOutlet are typically posted for live 10-day auctions on Fridays, ending 10 on Mondays. The bidding starts at $9.95 and there is NO RESERVE! That's right, No Reserve -- you could find some really amazing deals this way! You will find a link to Any inquiries about Fashionphile Outlet should be sent to . FashionphileOutlet live auctions on eBay on the "Discounted" section on top menu bar of PLEASE NOTE: Fashionphile Outlet items may not be brought in to our showrooms for payment. They need to be mailed to our Carlsbad, CA processing facility.
Yes. Sale items may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. The Fashionphile security tag must be attached and intact in order to receive a full refund.
Layaway items are subject to a 10% Layaway cancellation or return fee when returned. Items purchased with a gift card must have the funds refunded to the gift card used for the purchase. Please do not discard gift cards used for payments until you are certain you will be keeping the item you purchased. Fashionphile is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards, before or after a purchase.
To help avoid unnecessary returns, please read the description and view the photos carefully, in particular noting the size of the item(s) and any possible flaw(s).
We place a security tag on each item we sell. It will not damage the handbag or item in anyway, and is easy to remove with scissors. The hang tag is not re-attachable. If you wish to return a handbag or item for any reason it must have this tag attached.
    Fashionphile accepts:
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfers
  • Fashionphile Gift Cards
Yes. At Fashionphile your privacy and security are important to us. Our secure online checkout system is provided by PayPal.
Yes. You may use a credit card-issued gift card or a Fashionphile-issued gift card. Items purchased with a gift card that are returned, or canceled, will have the funds refunded back to the gift card used to purchase the item(s).  Fashionphile is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards, before or after a purchase.
Fashionphile is required by law to charge sales tax on orders shipped to the State of California.
Depends.  For normal domestic ground shipping, it is FREE! For all other rates including overnight, 2 day, and international, please see our shipping page.
Yes. Customers may choose to pay and pick up an item(s) directly from one of our Fashionphile Showrooms. Please contact our Showroom prior to arrival to ensure the item you are purchasing is located at the showroom you will be visiting. We have three Showrooms and each location displays different unique items.
Indefinitely. There is no time constraint on how long an item remains in your cart. It will stay there until it sells to someone else who also has it in their cart or when you remove it. Each item in our inventory is one of a kind. We'd love it if everyone was able to get the must have bag but sometimes it comes down to who is quicker on the draw. Create alerts for yourself to be notified when an item you're looking for comes in, check often, act fast and good luck.
Yes. Should you find it necessary to cancel an order you may do so prior to the item shipping. Please contact us at 1-310-279-1136, or 1-866-GOT LUXE, to cancel an order.


No. Prices are fixed at the amount indicated on the website. Some prices may be lowered by 10%, 20%, or 30% if they have been available for sale for an extended period of time. Please check the "Discounted" tab, located on the menu bar, to view these discounted items.
We do not offer regular sales events. We discount select items after they have been available for an extended period of time on our website. Items which have been available for 30 days get discounted 10%; at 45 days they are discounted 20% and after 60 days the prices are discounted 30% off of the original price.
Fashionphile buyers research recent sales of comparable items and consider the retail value of the item, the condition and rarity, and current fashion trends. Other considerations when pricing are our own record of sales and online sales and auctions.
Although most items sold by Fashionphile are marked 60% to 80% below their original retail price, some items may be priced higher than the original retail price due to:
Vintage & Rarity - Vintage, limited edition, or special order items may exceed comparable current retail prices because of their market rarity.
Sold Out Item - When a particular item sells out completely at department stores, boutiques, or online, the item value may increase beyond its original retail price due to its scarcity and demand.
Dated Price Tags - Some items are several years old and have their original price tag attached reflecting a retail price from years ago. Due to price increases these items are now valued above the original attached price tag.


Yes. Items available for layaway must have been listed on Fashionphile's website for a minimum of 5 days before they become eligible for layaway. At checkout you will be asked if you would like to buy the item on layaway. Items purchased on eBay are not eligible for layaway at checkout, please contact us if you desire to put an eBay item on layaway.
25% of the purchase price (item sale price, shipping, and tax (if applicable)) is required for a down payment to start a layaway. Payment must be made in full within 60 days of the layaway start date. Fashionphile reserves the right to remove any item from layaway eligibility.
Payment must be made in full within 60 days from the date of initial payment. If the 60 day period expires without full payment, your deposit plus any additional payments made will be refunded to you, minus the non-refundable portion (described below).
The buyer (you) determines payment schedule.
Payment amounts must be greater than $50 unless the remaining amount is less than $50.
Payments may be made with: Fashionphile Account Balance, credit card, PayPal, Western Union, Bank Wire, or cashiers check.
10% of the total bags purchase price will be non-refundable in the event the layaway is canceled, returned or exchanged. These fees exist because we pay the consigner immediately after an item is put on layaway with the assumption that a layaway item will be paid in full. To avoid any fees, not use layaway and buy the item in full. To help avoid paying the fee, please read the description and view the photos carefully, in particular noting the size of the item(s) and any possible flaw(s).
Changing items during the duration of a layaway is treated as cancellation. The 10% fee will apply.
The amount paid for a canceled layaway will not be transferred to a new layaway, it will be refunded.
If full payment is not received by the end of the 60th day initial payment, the layaway will be canceled and the item placed back in our inventory to be re-sold. You will be refunded all payments made up to that date, minus the 10% non-refundable portion described above.
If a layaway is canceled, returned or exchanged, 10% of the item purchase price is kept as Layaway restocking fee. Changing items during a layaway is treated as a cancellation and the 10% fee will apply.
No. We do not allow extensions on layaway items. However, if you need more time than 60 days, you may cancel your layaway and re-purchase it. This will be subject to the 10% layaway cancellation fee.
Yes. However layaway items are subject to a 10% Layaway Cancellation or Return fee if returned (noted above).
No. Payments for the down payment or future payments must be made with a single credit card, Paypal Transaction. Account Balances may be used at any time toward layaway payments.

Shipping & Customs

Items are generally shipped within 1 business day following receipt of payment. Deliveries are based on business days (Mon-Fri except Holidays).
Items are shipped via FedEx or USPS. You select the shipping priority and service at checkout; Ground, 2 Day, Overnight, or International Economy. All packages are sent with signature confirmation.
Standard US domestic ground shipping is FREE. Express & International shipping prices are determined by item size & destination so please refer to our shipping page for a specific price quote.
We love our international buyers, unfortunately we cannot lie on customs forms. We mark all customs forms as used items (not stating the brand), valued at the dollar amount you paid for the item (minus shipping).
We are happy to accommodate combined shipping on multiple items and/or orders. Please contact us at 1-310-279-1136, or 1-866-GOT LUXE, if you would like us to ship items together or hold part of an order.
We ship almost everywhere, however, a few countries have customs policies that have made shipping luxury brand items very difficult. For this reason, we may not be able to ship items to France, Germany, Spain, Italy, or South America.
The buyer of the item is responsible for any customs duties or taxes that are applied by his/her country.