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Free Shipping

Standard US domestic shipping is FREE.

Shipping Calculator:

US Ground Domestic is free, however return here with an item in your cart to view express or international rates.

Free Inbound Shipping Labels

Whether you are selling your bags to Fashionphile or need to return an item you purchased, we offer free domestic shipping within the continental U.S.. For direct purchase and consignment items, shipments sent from outside the continental U.S. such as Alaska or Hawaii must have a minimum of $1000 in quoted value to be eligible to print a free shipping label. You may choose to select either the free UPS or FedEx inbound label to ship your items to us, printed along with your Ship List once your quote submissions have been accepted by Fashionphile. For returns, you can view your orders and select the item you wish to return from your account purchase history.

Processing Time

Generally your purchase is shipped within 1 business day.

We review, verify and approve every order. Discrepancies between billing and shipping information may cause a delay. We may contact you, so please provide phone numbers for both billing and shipping.

If you are choosing Domestic Express shipping before 12:00 noon pm (Pacific Time), please contact us by phone and we may be able to ship same day.

Saturdays & Weekends

Saturday delivery is not included in the standard pricing for UPS. Thus, overnight items shipped on Friday will deliver Monday (next business day). 2-Day shipments on Thursday deliver on Monday. If Saturday delivery is required, you may call us to request this; the additional UPS Saturday-delivery fee will be added to your shipping costs.

Order Changes

Changes to order after shipping may cause delays and /or incur fees.

P.O. Boxes

We do not ship orders over $2,500 to a Post Office Box. Exceptions to this may cause a delay prior to shipping. Insurance and handling charges may be assessed

Signature Required

We ship with signature required due to the value of our items. We can ship without signature with your request in writing (with email or within order comments). By waiving the signature, the buyer accepts the responsibility of the safety and security of the item.

Shipping to Non-Billing Address

In order to protect against fraud, we suggest all items be shipped to the billing address of the payment method. We do recognize that several exceptions to this may be requested (shipping to a neighbor, place of business, second home, gift, etc). While we can typically honor these requests, you must enter the contact information for the buyer and recipient, as we may need to phone-verify the order. This may result in a delay in processing time.

Shipping to a Business

We will ship to your place of employment, after verification. If you choose to ship to a business, please provide the Company name and contact phone number.

Combining Orders

Ground: If more than one purchase is made, both will be shipped for free. We will determine whether or not they should be placed in separate boxes.

Express & International: The number of items shipped, size of the items and the dimensions on the order will determine the shipping cost.

If two or more orders are placed and buyer would like combined, actual cost will be determined and refund will be made after shipping. If the items are located in different Fashionphile locations, we will treat as separate orders unless there is a request to combine—such requests may cause a 1-2 day delay

Orders With Multiple Items

If there is a multiple-item order and items are at different Fashionphile shipping locations they may be shipped separately. There will be no increase of the shipping charge to you.

Information for International Buyers/Suppliers

Destination Customs in your Country

Custom requirements are different for each country. Please learn about the Customs processing for your Country. Customs clearance issues may cause delays at destination. You, the buyer, are responsible for any and all custom duties and/or taxes that apply. We indicate all items as used and declare the value. We also declare that the item is purchased merchandise. We can not declare as “gift”.

Destination Custom in the United States

When your previously owned (used) luxury items are shipped to Fashionphile for consignment or buyouts, they are subject to inspection and possible fees/taxes. Please declare as used handbags and/or accessories. The U.S. Customs charges duties and/or taxes and are based on percentage of declared value. At times after inspection the government may assess a higher value. Because of the increase of the charges that are assessed and the random charging of these fees, Fashionphile must pass some of this cost to you, the supplier of these items. Fashionphile will split the tax 50-50 with you. We will provide scanned receipt of payment and deduct 50% of the amount from your payment.

International Currency information

We do accept returns as stated in policy for international shipments. However because of the fluctuation of all countries currency the refund will be made in US dollars just as we received in US dollars. We make no adjustments for currency exchange for returns. We do not refund shipping costs.


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