We Offer Layaway!

Layaway allows you to buy an item using payment installments over time so you can buy that must-have bag now even if you don't yet have all the funds available.

You will have 60 days to pay the balance and the item will be sent to you after the final payment is complete.

  Free to use.

  Make as many payments as you need.

  Disguise big payments into smaller payments ;)

How it works.

Buying a luxury item on layaway has never been easier, anywhere on earth! Shop around and add an item to your cart as you normally would. During checkout, in the "Cart Summary", you'll find a layaway option like the one in this "Layaway Example."

1. Click the "Put this item on layaway?" checkbox.

2. Enter your down payment (We've taken care of the easy math for you but you can increase this amount to whatever you want).

3. Accept the layaway terms.

4. Proceed with normal checkout

Easy right? Additional payments can be made any time and for any amount from here or your Fashionphile account.

Note: Items are available for layaway after they have been on the website for 5 days.

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Layaway Example

CHLOE Suede Calfskin Small Faye Shoulder Bag Motty Grey

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