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Why Sell Your Bags to Fashionphile?

Selling Made Simple.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or consigning your pre-owned handbags and accessories, Fashionphile is committed to building your trust. We do this by offering realistic prices and convenient tools for sellers and buyers of authentic luxury items. Our trust is to ensure your purchase cash out price will be roughly 50% - 70% of the bag(s) online sale price. We work hard to make luxury more attainable.

How It Works:

  1. Submit individual handbags you would like to sell and include the item's designer, name, and at least one image.
  2. We will email you with a buyout price quote and acceptance letter.
  3. Price quotes are based on condition, brand, popularity of the bag(s), and of course, it must be authentic.
  4. We will provide you with a FREE FedEx US Domestic Ground Shipping Label.
  5. Print out the packing slip and send it to us with your item(s).
  6. Your payment will be processed the next business day after we receive and authenticate your item(s).

Why It Works:

  • Convenience. We make selling your luxury handbag(s) simple through our secure online tools or in-store locations.
  • Trust. You can rest assured that the cash value offer we give you will be competitive, roughly 50% - 75% of the bag's expected online resale price.
  • Reputation. We can afford to offer higher prices for your luxury handbags and accessories because our long-standing reputation for continually offering authentic, sought-after items means that we are able to sell items quickly and put that money back into more fabulous inventory from you.

Why Consign the Fashionphile Way?

Receive maximum payout for your bag(s) by selling them on consignment. Our low fees and quick turnaround ensures that you're item will receive top dollar, professional presentation, and maximum exposure. This process typically takes between 2 and 10 weeks.

3 Reasons Fashionphile is THE Place to Sell Luxury Bags

  1. Low Fees: Do the math! Our base fee is only 30% of the selling price (you keep 70%), but for bags selling over $3,000 the tiered fee structure drops to only 15% (you keep 85% of the portion of the selling price above $3,000). Compare this to most brick and mortar consignment shops who charge 50% or more!
  2. Maximum Exposure for Your Items: is the industry-leading resale website. We provide the largest selection of authentic pre-owned luxury handbags. Shoppers looking for affordable luxury find us in many ways: our website which receives high volume shopping traffic, boutique locations located in the finest parts of Beverly Hills and San Francisco, and on easy-to-use mobile and tablet shopping applications. Over the years, Fashionphile has had the honor to be recognized by: CBS KCal, Good Day LA, Fox 11, Good Morning America, The Today Show, E! Entertainment, Lucky and The Wall Street Journal, as the must-shop destination for serious luxury bag buyers.
  3. Consignor Accounts: Fashionphile has the most transparent consignment process. You can track the progress of your bags from arrival, through the preparation process, and all the way through the sale and payment process.

What is Fashionphile's BuyBack Program?

Items purchased from Fashionphile may be sold back to us for 70% of the item's purchase price within 120 days of purchase.

What items are available for the BuyBack Program?

70% BuyBack Program applies to all items purchased from Fashionphile with the following exceptions:

  • Items that suffered excessive wear or damage after purchase from Fashionphile
  • Items from companies or sellers other than Fashionphile
  • Shoes, Earrings & Sunglasses
  • Items Originally sold for under $300

Items must pass inspection upon return, to ensure that the condition meets its original condition when purchased.

How do I submit my item(s) to the BuyBack Program?

  • After purchasing an item from us, you will see a "Sell Back" link in your Fashionphile Account for 120 days.
  • Simply click the "Sell Back" link in your Fashionphile Account or click "Submit a Bag" on our Sell My Bag page for BuyBack.

1. Authenticity & Cancellation

A. Consignment Items

Seller attests all item(s) submitted, and being sold under this contract are authentic. If any Consignment item is found to be a counterfeit, Fashionphile will return the item to the Seller upon seller's payment of the authentication fee of $75, or $125 if the item is an Hermes Birkin or Kelly. Seller agrees to promptly return any and all funds issued for such item(s) to Fashionphile. Items with authentication fees that are left unpaid after 60 days will be destroyed.

B. Direct Buy Items

Seller attests all item(s) being sold under this contract are authentic. If any Direct Buy item(s) is found to be a counterfeit, Fashionphile may request repayment of any funds issued for such item(s) within 30 days of purchasing the item(s). Seller agrees to promptly return any and all funds issued for such item(s) to Fashionphile. All Direct Buy transactions are final at the time of payment, with the exception of items determined not to be authentic. Items are not deemed authentic until received and reviewed by an Authentication Specialist at Fashionphile's corporate headquarters: issuance of payment for any item(s) in a showroom is not evidence of authenticity.

If any item(s) needs to be sent to Fashionphile’s corporate office to be authenticated prior to payment, Seller agrees to accept the buyout price range offered above on this contract. If Seller requests that any item(s) be returned and not sold,
 Seller agrees to pay the authentication fee of $75, or $125 if the item is an Hermes Birkin or Kelly.

2. Consignment Fees, Pricing & Discounting

A. Consignment Fees. Our tiered structure is as follows and applies to each item:
  • 30% for sale items below $3,000 – Consignor receives 70%

  • 15% for remaining portion of items over $3,001 – Consignor receives 85%

B. Pricing.

Fashionphile will determine prices based on comparable prices for items of same or similar style and condition. Fashionphile reserves the right to set prices on all items.
 Consignment estimates are based on average sale prices of similar bags and are not guarantees of future payout amounts.

C. Discounting. Fashionphile items may be discounted in accordance with the following schedule:

  • If unsold after 30 days item will be discounted by 10%
  • If unsold after 60 days item will be discounted by 20%
  • If unsold after 90 days item will be discounted by 30%

3. Contract Term

This agreement shall have a term of 90 days and may be terminated by either party by giving 10 days written notice to the other party. If a Seller decides to terminate this agreement before the end of the term, the early termination fee of $75, or $125 if the item is an Hermes Birkin or Kelly, will apply (per item returned). Fashionphile will return to sellers any unsold merchandise at the end of this term. Items with authentication fees that are left unpaid after 60 days will be destroyed.

4. Payment

Quotes are not guaranteed payment amounts. The final amount paid to the Seller is based off of inspection and verification of the item received. Sellers are then paid via the saved method selected in their account. Checks are issued for Direct Buys in the showroom when possible. Consignors are paid after their item(s) are sold, payment has cleared and the item(s) shipped.

We accept the following brands:
Alexander McQueen
Alexander Wang
Bottega Veneta
Christian Dior
Christian Louboutin
David Yurman
Dolce Gabbana
Jimmy Choo
John Hardy
Judith Leiber
Louis Vuitton
Marc Jacobs
Miu Miu
Nancy Gonzalez
Oliver Peoples
Patek Philippe
Phillip Lim
Proenza Schouler
Stella McCartney
Tom Ford
Van Cleef & Arpels
Yves Saint Laurent